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The novel coronavirus has struck us all, yet all of us are affected differently. Our partner FutureCare notified us of the indirect effects of COVID-19 on the less fortunate in Sri Lanka and they are far from good.

Many of the primary schools we collaborated with have signaled that almost half of their students are facing famine. The lockdown makes it difficult to earn much needed income for families to purchase food. Malnutrition, at a young age, affects the development of the brain negatively.

Help us to help these communities survive the lockdown and the effects of COVID-19.

Below is how.

Provide Relief

Help 158 children in a six-week sprint

This emergency campaign aims to provide relief to 158 primary school students over a period of 6 weeks. These are children from primary schools we have previously assisted through our Building a Future or Equal Chances projects.

Boost Foundation will kick-off by supplying two weeks worth of supplementary food and therewith, offer relief until their local government can respond.

How you can help

With just 3 Euros, you already reduce the effects of famine. That means that with 30 euros you already support 10 children for a week!

Much more is needed to help all of them, but together we think we can! Use any of the donation methods below to help us acquire the funding needed.


How we work

1. Fundraising

Our minimum target is to collect 2844 euros during a six-week sprint.

2. Food Logistics

The food packages are purchased locally in Sri Lanka. These are then to be sorted into packs.

3. Distribution

Our local partner FutureCare will together with their volunteers will share the food packages with the ones in need.

4. Updates

We will be in touch on a weekly basis, to provide updates on the project. During these updates we also collect receipts.


The following section covers one of the most asked questions we get when we execute projects.

Should you not find the question you need an answer to, then please reach out to us by messaging us on

What happens after those 6 weeks?

We hope the local government can pick up support from there on. Any excess money will be saved for alternative scenarios, so really – we will not reject generocity.

What about the parents?

This project is a supplementary source of food next to what families already have – which is in some cases happens to be very little. What some families share is sometimes as little as a tiny bit of bread.

How will the money be spent?

More than 90% of our donations go directly to our projects. In this case, the donations get transferred to our partner in Sri Lanka (FutureCare) who will order food packages and be responsible for the distributions thereof. They will also send us receipts of their expenses.

What happens with excess donations?

Overhead in donations gets saved in our reserves for new projects – allowing us to quickly respond to emergency situations; which is actually the case for the project on this page! We also always publish our financial reports our transparency page.

How will you check how to project is executed? ?

Please view our project plan, after week 4 we will evaluate our progress and see where we need to make alterations in our project. The biggest hurdle will be the donations, so help us out! Other than that we will keep this page updated with project developments and share results on our Facebook or Instagram channels!

Can I Donate?

Yes! The most cost effective way to do so is by transferring money directly to our ING account as payment processors always charge a percentage on the amount that was donated. They do often feel like less work, so should you stil want to use them – then use our WhyDonate page. This link will get you to the donation module!

What about Dutch TAX benefits?

If you are a registered Dutch company, you are eligible to deduct up to 500 euros in donations from your taxes. Please consult this page for more information.

Can I support something else?

Yes you can! ? We also have a project aiming at reducing the educational consequences of COVID-19 on Sint-Maarten by enabling kids to follow education from home. But that is not all, get in touch with one of us to tell you about the other projects. You can do so by mailing us at

How is Boost Foundation supporting itself?

We are all volunteers who work next to our role in Boost Foundation. As such, we do not transfer anything to our personal accounts. Overhead in donations gets saved in our reserves for new projects – allowing us to quickly respond to emergency situations; which is actually the case for the project on this page!

Earlier Fundraisers ♥️

Pub Quiz #1

Our first pub quiz organized together with The Student Hotel and supported our Equal Chances project.  

384 Donated

Pub Quiz #2

Our second pub quiz was organized together with CIC Rotterdam and also supported our Equal Chances education project. 

415 Donated

Pub Quiz #3

For Akade primary school we raised 1.092 euros during our pub quiz at OGD ICT Diensten. Allowing us to restore school facilities.

1.092 Donated

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We are ANBI registered since 2017, meaning that we are an officially recognised non-profit organization in the Netherlands. 


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