Chief Legal Officer – Henk Bethlehem
Henk Bethlehem is 29 years old, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CLO of Boost Foundation. 

What I do in daily life
I work as a lawyer  in the field of ICT and Intellectual property for Bout Advocaten an awesome Legal company in the north of the Netherland, with around 20 enthusiastic and down-to-earth attorneys. 

For Bout Advocaten I support companies and different organisations in a variety of IP/ICT matters. I draft contracts, advise and litigate.
What I bring to the table
Enthusiasm, positive energy, analytical skills and a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of IP/ICT and contract law.
My interests
I love to travel, play basketball, watch movies and do some reading.
Previous volunteering
I’m a collector for the Lung Fund (Longfonds) since 2012.
Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
I was lucky to meet Ian and Justin and they told me I could help the Boost Foundation. I like to organize events, help and meet people, improve my English broaden my network and contribute to something positive as this foundation.