LChief Information Officer – Marc René

Marc René is 33 years old, born in Rotterdam The Netherlands, CIO of Boost Foundation.  

What I do in daily life
I work as a Freelancer in IT. My projects and role varies from operational to strategic ones. Next to that I just focus on enjoying life. I go by the phrase: I work to live and not live to work. I love traveling because you meet other people and experience different cultures.  I also work closely with other friends who run their own companies to advise them how to implement their IT.  
What I bring to the table
A whirlwind of positivity, professionality and ambition. Boost Foundation is a new organization so there is a lot of ground to conquer and at the same time it provides a lot of freedom to sketch and design a completely new IT department. Throughout my career I have worked at a dozen of different companies and I have seen  countless of different ways in which IT was applied. This experience is something I share with the organization.  

My interestsMeeting new people is one of my favorite ways to pass time. Next to that I am a big music, movie and game fan. In my spare time I love to help people with their music projects. Traveling is one of my biggest hobbies.   
Previous volunteering
In the past I have worked on different types of volunteering. I worked as event coördinator and as a policy maker for a local municipality. Working on events is fun because you meet a lot of passionate people.  

Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
The past years I wondered and thought whether there really is a way to help people in sustainable way. Doing some research on NGO’s, I soon discovered that a lot of the donations ended up as management fees and that the gross of the money did not end up with the people who needed it. Then Ian (Boost Foundation chairman) came a long and talked to me about Boost Foundation and I was immediately convinced that it was an authentic organization. Sometime later this role came available and I could not resist to get involved. With Boost Foundation we are really helping the humanity and the planet to become a better place.