Vice Chairman / HR – Erudini Smits
Erudini is 24 years old, born in Kandy SL, Vice Chairman / HR & Co-Founder of Boost Foundation. 

What I do in daily life
Right now I am a full-time master’s student doing a double specialization in ‘marketing’ and ‘international economics’. I am keen about learning new things and gaining more knowledge. That is also why i decided to do both master programmes at the same time.
What I bring to the table
I am good at being loyal and trustworthy. I am understanding and usually rational. I am a thinker which means that I usually think carefully before I do something. (Ok, maybe sometimes I think too much).
My interests
I like sports, art, films, TV shows, food, travelling and trying new things.
Previous volunteering
Worked for FutureCare, I sponsor a few charity organizations, donate blood and do charity projects (part of the interact club when I was in school and am part of the Rotaract Club at the moment).
Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
Helping others is a big part of me and the best way to help others on a larger scale, would be through Boost Foundation. At least that is what I believe. I want to help as many people as I can and I think this is what makes us human – being there for eachother. I dislike discrimination and I know the world is unfair but I believe it is up to us to try and make it as equal as possible. I am motivated to make a change and that is why I am part of Boost Foundation.