Project Owner – Martyna Grochowska
Martyna is 28 years old, born in Łódź, Poland. Project owner in Boost foundation.

What I do in daily life
Currently I am doing a PhD in the Department of Clinical Genetics at Erasmus Medical Center. In my research, I am trying to set up a model by switching stem cells to more specialized types of brain cells to understand the biology behind Parkinson’s disease.

What I bring to the table
I am focused, loyal, and hard working. I am a critical thinker and I set realistic goals. I also consider myself as a good listener.
My interests
My interests are languages. At present, I am taking a Russian language course. I enjoy reading and travelling.
Previous volunteering
Back in Poland, I was involved in small charity works. However, this is my first professional experience where I will be fully indulged in the projects.

Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
I believe that charity work is good for everyone. It is inspiring and fulfilling. Next to giving something back to communities, I also hope to benefit from the experience that I will gain by being a member of Boost Foundation.