Project Sharing Knowledge

One of the humanitarian projects that Boost Foundation is organizing is called ‘Project Sharing Knowledge ’. This project is partnered with FuturCare which is an organization that is dedicated to help children in Sri Lanka get a good education. They sponsor underprivileged children and rural schools that need financial and physical support. Boost Foundation believes that we can boost FuturCare by helping them with this project.

‘Project Sharing Knowledge’ is one where we send volunteers to go to a school in Sri Lanka to teach children English.

The idea behind this project is to educate children in rural schools that do not have the money to pay full-time staff members. Due to the lack of financial stability these schools are heavily under-staffed and have low facilities. Boost Foundation wants to help them and this projects allows us to send a volunteer to these schools who will be able to teach children English.

Apply as a volunteer

We currently have a vacancy for this project. Are you interested, or do you know of someone who might be interested? Then please have a look using the button below.