Operator Group Delft, Delft, The Netherlands

Investor  |  Pittawella Primary school project
In Q2 2016 OGD donated €6500,- to boost the renovation of primary school Pittawella. OGD has been so generous to provide us with office space and other forms of support.


FutureCare, Kandy, Central Province Sri-Lanka

NGO  |  Various educational humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka
FutureCare was founded in 2006 by Ramani Smits. Her mission: Helping the poorest children in Sri Lanka to receive an education.

Insolitus Photography 

Contributor  |  Our Photographer and friend
Rowan Heuvel, born August 19th 1985 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), is a hobbyist photographer with a fond love for abstractions, architecture and various photography techniques such as long exposure and infrared. 
Rowan has been with us since the founding of Boost and has joined us in the field resulting in some amazing photo’s.


Partner  | 

EMTEK Ergonomics

Partner  |  Company of vice-chairman Roderick Lodewijks
EMTEK produces custom made office chairs for people with extreme bodysizes or physical disabilities. EMTEK is closely tied to Boost, because one of the Boost co-founders is director of the company. Where possible EMTEK helps Boost to achieve its goals.

AVIGHNA Remover of Obstacles

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Contributor  |  Owner: Bart van Beurden, Boost Foundation Donor and Project Manager
Contemporary Rotterdam is a company that takes care of empty buildings in Rotterdam. In addition the company develops buildings and areas into livable space. Dedicating his organising skills, time and financial resources to Boost Bart has assisted us on multiple projects in Sri Lanka and Sint Maarten.

Oak Consultancy


PROACC Consultancy

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RCRM Holding

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allin consulting

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