Kulugolla Junior School

Back in 2011 our Sri Lankan partner FutureCare has renovated this school in two years time. They started with the road to make the school accessible. Then they repaired both buildings and a staircase with a railing between them. They made a new playground with a fence for protection, a new library with many new books. They repaired the classrooms and the furniture, painted the walls and the furniture, built a new stage for presentations, a new office room, a water supply to both buildings and proper toilet facilities. Furthermore they made a store room for all the tools and extra furniture.

The children of this school are very poor. Most parents do not earn enough to supply their children with the necessary school utilities and uniforms. That is why we sponsor these children to go to school.

Kinigama Primary School

Kinigama Primary School is based in Uduwa village, which is part of Gallegedere town. Uduwa is a small village that is close to rubberestates. There are many rubbertappers in the village, but the tapping business depends on the weather. All tappers have a bad income and no perspective on other possibilities.

So money is an issue. The villagers don’t have enough money to send the children to a good school (in town). The bustickets are already too expensive. Kinigama Primary School needs to be around for the children in the village to get their education. The government doesn’t care too much about this regional school, because it has no political value. The government only pays some staff.

The staff of this school is very motivated and willing to help all the kids. Every year they have a few children with good results on the government exam. Which is the final exam after 11th grade. This means that the children can go to highschool (if they have the money), or find a small job.

Minuwangamuwa and Pittawella Primary Schools

Both schools have been selected for our Building a future project. Pittawella has been renovated in 2016 and Minuwangamuwa will be renovated in 2017. Of both schools we are sponsoring some poor children because the parents don’t have the money to send them to school. These villages both consist primarily of farmers with a small land. During the rain season they grow enough rice for a year. During the other seasons they grow vegetables which they share with the entire village. They can provide food and the basic needs, but don’t make enough money to send their children to school.