Chief Communications Officer – Osman Akin
Osman is 30 years old, born in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Volunteers as Chief Communications Officer of Boost Foundation. 

What I do in daily life
I am a T-shaped marketer in my own company, which is called IMMATURE. Basically it comes down to helping people and organisations to clarify and reach their goals. Often I help them focus on what their objectives are by introducing measurable and relevant goals. I combine communicative skills with nerdy fascinations, so next to SEO, website administration and online strategies – you will also find me doing AR or VR projects. I also use my profession to develop and express my creative side, which as a result means I set up brand-guides, do photography, write scripts and direct online video’s as both a producer as well as camera technician.
What I bring to the table
I bring enthusiasm, relativity and a sober mind-set. Next to that I make bold use of my creativity and try to inspire and motivate our team to push ourselves towards finding solutions.
My interests
Anything creative or explorative is interesting to me, such as unconventional solutions to silly problems or simply creating things: bringing ideas to life. 
Previous volunteering
Lots of things: I did photography and made a video for ACE Force (Erasmus MC), volunteered for 2,5 years at R’damse Nieuwe. Did PR for a game called Firefall during Gamescom in Cologne. And some volunteering at the accreditation/press desk of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.
Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
I got in touch with Boost Foundation via Ian Upton, who used to be a colleague of mine when I still worked at OGD. Volunteering at Boost Foundation drew my interest because in daily life I hardly spend money on good causes or on NGO’s – and I feel like spending time with this passionate group of people is (indirectly) way more beneficial than simply dropping off some coins.