Former Vice-chairman – Roderick Elmo Leo Lodewijks
Roderick is 32 years old, born in Enkhuizen NL, Vice-chairman & Co-Founder of Boost Foundation. 

What I do in daily life
Together with my sister I run a company that creates custom office chairs for people of different bodysizes, -measurements and/or physical disabilities.
What I bring to the table
I can stretch my mind in all possible directions. Seeing many possibilities is my favourite talent. Among other things it makes me understand others points of view and it makes me create simplicity from complex processes. I have been told that my most natural skill is my accessibility. People trust me very easily and I do not break their trust.
My interests
I like to be full of energy, hang out and have fun with friends, but I also like to rest and be all by myself. My favourite hobby is travelling. Just drop me somewhere with my backpack and I am in my element. I workout three times a week. My main focus in life is to spread the love. I love hugging!
Previous volunteering
I have done fundraising by phone for many well known charities from 2004 to 2008. In 2012 I went to Sri Lanka and I have done fundraising for a family to make a new roof. I also have done fundraising for a lady to start a small shop on the beach. During the same journey I helped our Sri Lankan partner Futurecare with funding and operations. That is how the idea sprouted in me to start a foundation that helps NGO’s around the world.

Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
Why not! I cannot think of anything better to do with my life than to make the world a better place. It is my life goal to spread the love and with Boost Foundation I can spread it in massive quantities!