Renovation of Pittawella Primary School

Pittawella Primary School was built in 1923 and not much has happened to the building since. The school is in some serious need of overhauling. OGD has been kind enough to sponsor €6500,- towards this cause. As a result of this generous donation our local partner FutureCare can rebuild the path to the school, the toilets, a water supply, the playground and a library. If there are any funds left these will be used for basic school supplies such as whiteboards and other materials.

Project Report

The project is split up into bite sized pieces, each piece helps the children in one specific way. This agile method is a product based approach (an overview of products and scope can be found in the financial agreement and project plan). We have a bimonthly meeting with FutureCare and report on all of the progress, costs, risks and issues. Boost foundation stands for full transparency which means that all of our results will be published online.