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Celebrating Education
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Our Projects

Equal Chances

By funding our partner FutureCare, we support children to attend primary school in an equal fashion. For approximately 50 euros you can fund the entire schoolyear of a single child.

Sharing Knowledge

What better way to bring forth change than through sharing knowledge? We allow capable volunteers to teach English abroad. One such volunteer was Camila. Read her story here.

Building a Future

Our reknown school renovation projects – renovating playgrounds and school facilities to a more usable condition. currently working on Akade and Pattapola primary schools.

Earlier Fundraisers ♥️

Pub Quiz #1

Our first pub quiz organized together with The Student Hotel and supported our Equal Chances project.  

384 Donated

Pub Quiz #2

Our second pub quiz was organized together with CIC Rotterdam and also supported our Equal Chances education project. 

415 Donated

Pub Quiz #3

For Akade primary school we raised 1.092 euros during our pub quiz at OGD ICT Diensten. Allowing us to restore school facilities.

1.092 Donated

What We Do

Boost Foundation brings volunteers, NGOs and investors together to enable positive change throughout the world.

Our drive comes from the fact that there are many people in the world who could use a helping hand, but do not know where to turn to.

At the same time there are people with resources, opportunities and knowledge that want to share these with the less fortunate but do not know where or how to start.

We aim to close that gap and to bring a positive boost to initiatives.

Get Involved. Become a volunteer.




The following section covers one of the most asked questions.

Should you not find the question you need an answer to, then please reach out to us by messaging us on info@boostfoundation.eu.

Can I Donate?

Yes! The most cost effective way to do so is by using the Donorbox module above. This link will get you to the donation module!

How will you check how to project is executed? ?

We have close contact with our partners abroad and ask for receipts and photo’s. Which we share amongst ourselves during the weekly and monthly meetings. We also keep our project pages updated with project developments and share results on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram channels!

What about Dutch TAX benefits?

If you are a registered Dutch company, you are eligible to deduct up to 500 euros in donations from your taxes. Please consult this page for more information and contact us if you need more help.

How will the money be spent?

More than 90% of our donations go directly to our projects. We volunteer 100% and try to keep our expenses to a minimum. In fact, we also sponsor a lot of our projects ourselves and keep ourselves responsible if we collect insufficient funds for a project.

How is Boost Foundation supporting itself?

We are all volunteers who work next to our role in Boost Foundation. As such, we do not transfer anything to our personal accounts. Overhead in donations gets saved in our reserves for new projects – allowing us to quickly respond to emergency situations.

Boosting is easy – Even for companies


Corporate Donations

Whether you wish to partner with us for a project, or invite us over to do a pub quiz. We are always keen to give you advice on how to proceed further.

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We are ANBI registered since 2017, meaning that we are an officially recognised non-profit organization in the Netherlands. 


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