Previously: (2015-2019) Chairman – Ian Upton
Ian is 38 years old, born in Manchester UK, Chairman & Co-Founder of Boost Foundation. 

I believe that everyone can change the world for the better. If you help one child with an education the effects can be huge. With just a small amount of effort you can make a massive impact.  I am using my management experience from the IT world to select and run projects in a highly efficient way. I am hard working and dedicated to running an honest and transparent operation. With a highly motivated, talented team that forms our board, we are commited to changing the world starting with educating kids.

What I do in daily life
I work for an OGD ict-diensten (, an awesome IT company with around 1000 highly educated employees. For OGD I work with the tender desk, bid and delivery teams on large outsourcing contracts. I steer IT projects and fulfil the role of delivery manager for our largest customers. I love working with large teams and making sure that all of the things we say get done and the things we do get said.
What I bring to the table
At OGD I have built up leadership skills and strategic capabilities plus a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of contract law. I have been using these skills to create a solid legal and transparent foundation. My network of around 1400 people and a knowledge of processes and analytical skills from my chemical engineering background are other resources I bring to the table. A massive amount of dedication, discipline, positive energy and a good heart are my most important assets.
My interests
I like to travel, meet new people, learn languages and understand other cultures. I love taking part and organizing in social events.
Previous volunteering
In the past few months I have dedicated much of my evenings and weekends to draw up the legal work, bring people together to create a strategy and structure the foundation.
Why I am involved in Boost
I came to the conclusion that there is more to life than the privileged life I lead here in Holland. I felt a strong urge to do something to change the world in a positive way, something that would leave a positive impact after I am gone. A group of people I had the luck to have come across helped me to turn these feelings into ideas and those ideas flowed into a movement. These people are now my closest friends and also are the board. Together we change the world!