Previously: (2018-2019) Chief Technology Officer & Chief Data Office – Gert-Jan ter Schure
Gert-Jan was born in the Netherlands, and is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer of Boost Foundation.

What I do in daily life
work for an awesome IT company with around 1400 employees. I focus on data security, governance and business intelligence/analytics to improve our services for our internal and external customers.
What I bring to the table
I bring knowledge of data governance, security and business intelligence/analytics to the table to help Boost Foundation attain its goals of being highly transparent.
My interests
I like traveling around the world and experiencing new cultures. Furthermore I enjoy sports, sailing, reading books and fixing things.
Previous volunteering
Honestly, I have never done professional or dedicated volunteering. Generally when people ask if I would like to help I am available, so I have done some form of volunteering (on and off) over the years. 

Why I am involved in Boost Foundation
I am involved with Boost Foundation because I believe in its vision. It is also an opportunity to use my skills to help people and make a difference.