Become a Booster

We are always looking for talented people to change the world

Why volunteer for Boost Foundation?

Boost Foundation appreciates the dedication and support of all volunteers, because it allows us to reach our goals. Volunteers are very important for the organization and nearly every person in Boost including the committee are volunteers. Volunteering for Boost Foundation has its advantages, we have a broad professional network and we offer a great place to build up experience. 
Please read our starters guide and contact us for more information.

Our policy when hiring volunteers.

Boost foundation carefully selects volunteers and our policy ensures that every volunteer is aware of their resonsibilities. 

In the volunteer policy, the Executive Board of the Boost Foundation determines the current volunteer policy. This policy was adopted in the board meeting of February 7, 2016 and is reviewed annually.

Our Child care policy and code of conduct

Boost Foundation is devoted to running projects that have humanitarian benefits. This includes working with infants, children and even the elderly. This document concerns the behavior we expect all volunteers and members of Boost to have when working with infants and children.

Previous volunteers

Volunteering at Boost Foundation is not just good for those you help directly. It also has indirect consequences for those yet to come and it is a great way to self reflect and grow personally.

Sjoerd made the following report of his journey. Signalling not only why education is important, but also providing us with knowledge on how we can further improve educational conditions in the rural areas of Sri Lanka.

Thank you Sjoerd!