The Schoolbags Project 

Our partner FutureCare is planning to help 343 Sri Lankan children in six schools with all their school expenses. They have sponsors who provide shoes, uniforms, books and stationaries, however they do not have monetary means to provide them with schoolbags. The bags will be purchased at local stores and cost approximately  10 euro’s each.

Having a schoolbag is not a matter of life and death. However, it is an important attribute in their school itinerary. The schools that are supported by the government use the funds for the primary needs such as; salary of teachers, building maintenance and school materials. Unfortunately there is not enough money to purchase other important attributes such as; good writing materials, uniforms and schoolbags.

For this cause, we want to prevent the important school materials to be damaged by daily transport. Furthermore, we want to enable these children to feel like proper students and to maintain their self-esteem. Let them enjoy their life as a student. Enable them to play and run to school, without having to worry about damaging their expensive school materials.

Closed Project

As of March 2017, this project is currently closed! We briefed the results in our annual report.