Become our new Project Coordinator

Boost Foundation is currently engaged in a few humanitarian projects. These projects are partnered with FutureCare which is an organisation that is dedicated to help children in Sri Lanka to obtain a good educational foundation. They sponsor poor children and rural schools that need financial and physical support. Boost Foundation believes that we can boost FutureCare by helping them with their projects.

These projects are done simultaneously and therefore need to be organised and supervised properly in order to be completed efficiently. In order to have a complete overview of all the projects and its progress, a system is needed that can be managed – a project manager.

Boost foundation is looking for someone who can help them organise and control all their projects.

What we expect from you

  • Analyse and get familiar with the current status of the projects.
  • Write project plans.
  • Formalize the project process.
  • Assisting the setup, planning and execution of the projects.

Qualities we are looking for

  • Teamplayer.
  • Has knowledge and experience with managing multiple projects.
  • Has the ability to report and communicate efficiently.
  • Has experience in setting up, planning and executing projects.

Time Commitment & Location
Every week on Wednesdays there is a meeting from 19:00 – 19:30. In addition, every month you are expected to attend a monthly meeting which takes place at OGD, Delft. This meeting takes roughly 3 to 4 hours during the first Sunday of that month. The secretary will inform you before that day, about the specific time schedule.

What we offer

Training & Induction
You will be introduced to Boost Foundation and its members. We will provide you with a volunteer starters guide and the volunteer policy to get you started.

Support & Supervision

  • You will receive ongoing support from all Boost Foundation (board) members.
  • For evaluation or any problems please contact Ian Upton (CEO) or Erudini Smits (HR-manager).
  • Each project will have a different board member in charge (responsible), so you will get support from different people for different projects.

  • Personal development.
  • Increase your network and be recognized as a member of Boost Foundation.
  • Opportunity to have a unique experience with a start-up foundation.
  • The chance to contribute and improve the projects and to make our mission a success!

If you do not happen to be available, you can still help out! Please forward this opportunity to anyone who might be interested.

Volunteering at BOOST

Becoming a volunteer at BOOST Foundation is easy. We made sure to include everything you need to know on one simple page.


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Your Role

Clarity and transparancy is what we aim in our efforts. You too should know what we expect from you and how much you can expect from us.