Let's change the world

We link people that want to make a difference, with people that really make a difference. Change to us, is about connecting the right dots.

Boost Foundation brings volunteers, NGOs and investors together that share our core values and believe in our purpose.

Together we give much needed humanitarian and environmental projects the boost they need. Have a look below at some of the projects we are currently working on.

Our drive comes from the fact that there are many people in this world who could use a helping hand, but do not know where to turn to.

At the same time there are people with resources, opportunities and knowledge that want to share these gifts with the less fortunate but do not know where to start.

We aim to reduce that gap, and below is how.

Our projects

Equal Chances

Sharing Knowledge

Building a Future

​By funding our partner FutureCare, we support children to attend primary school in an equal fashion. For approximately 50 euros you can fund the entire schoolyear of a single child.

After screening carefully, we also allow capable volunteers to teach English abroad. One such volunteer was Camila. Read her story here.

Our reknown school renovation projects – renovating playgrounds and school facilities to a more usable condition. currently working on Akade and Pattapola primary schools.



If you are a NGO and you are in need of boosting a project or fund a good cause

If you would like to help with our projects as a volunteer and join our team in The Netherlands